Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Prevent Your Mouse from Scrolling Between Months in Google Calendar (when using Chrome)

It turns out that I wasn't the only one infuriated by the default behavior of Google Calendar to scroll between months with a mouse wheel. Especially with the Apple Magic Mouse (which controls 2-dimensional scrolling with the touch-sensing top surface of the mouse), unintended switching between months is frequent and aggravating.

Programmer Ivan Morgillo created an extension for the Chrome browser which disables mouse scrolling in Google Calendar. The extension is open-source and free.

NOTE: After installing the extension, you'll need to quit and re-launch Chrome for the extension to disable mouse scrolling in Google Calendar.

Google Calendar Scroll Disabler at the Chrome Store

For nerds: google-calendar-scroll-disabler's GitHub page

HINT: If you want this behavior to be modified across all your Chrome-equipped computers, you can sync your extensions across Chrome installations.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Google Assistant Shopping Lists moved from Google Keep to Google Home app

If you have been wondering why items added to your Google Assistant shopping list via Google Home weren't appearing in Google Keep, you (like me) missed this change by Google in April 2017.

Google Assistant's shopping lists are moving to the Home app today (The Verge)
While it's still great to be able to yell out additions to the shopping list from anywhere in the house (frankly, the single most promising task so far of being able to have speech-recognition in the home), I miss the organizational features of dedicated shopping list apps (my favorite being AnyList, which like Google Home's Shopping List, features the ability to collaboratively manage your list with other people). But for now, we'll keep working with Google Home, hoping for future improvements.