Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Turn your MacBook into a Lightsaber

OK, this isn't actually useful. In fact, misuse of this application might cost you thousands of dollars, but it's absolutely cool.

Many modern laptop computers utilize a strategy where, if an internal accelerometer determines that the laptop is experiencing less than 1G acceleration, the hard drive's head is immediately parked in a safe spot to prevent damage to the head or the drive media. Apple calls this technology "Sudden Motion Sensor" and incorporates it into their MacBook family of laptop computers.

Back in June 2006, a fun-loving programmer named Ian Maddox wrote MacSaber, which uses the accelerometer data to control sounds of the most famous of Jedi weapons. The latest version even manipulates the keyboard backlight while waving your $3,00 17" MacBook Pro around the room in the air like these wanna-be padawans.

Use The Force at your own risk.